THAT DAY Wedding & Events Design & Planning is my baby, born in  2007 to help people to create unforgettable events.

As time passed by, I’ve understood that my  “unfair advantage” (that is what I am really good at ;-), is to help people like you to tell their story through an event. Whether it’s a love story, or the story of a product, or a brand, stories resonate with the audience/guests/clients, they are able to engage with them, and create an emotional connection.

And if you can engage your guests/audience/clients, your event will be successful.

I was born at the seaside, I live in Turin and part of my family lives at the lake: Piedmont, Ligurian Riviera e the lake district are the territories I have more confidence with.  But my past experiences in other regions of Italy have been all amazing and incredibly rewarding, so, if you think we are a good match, pls get in touch and tell me your story. I would be more than happy to follow you wherever you want.




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