“Organising a wedding isn’t a sissy’s sport and you realise right from the start that it won’t be just like you imagined…there is what you think you will like, what he may also like and what your relatives surely won’t like; and there’s what is (or seems?) appropriate and inappropriate; there’s “…and what if it rains?” and “…but aren’t we inviting Uncle Ubaldo degli Ubaldi and where is he going to be seated?”… And so, after a few weeks, your fantasies (even your most rooted ones) start to fade as discouragement sets in…

That’s where we were in March…Happy we had found the location that had captured us (but only we liked it) and returning from close-encounters-of-the-third-kind with tulle (or crackers, Andrea would say) wedding planners…in a word: disheartened! Then by chance, during one of the many sleepless nights googling around for ideas, I came across a video on YouTube that really thrilled me … the video of a fluorescent wedding held in Torino … fantastic! I thought: “At last, people having fun, a reception with an eye for detail, but not obsessively perfect… For sure this WP won’t accept an assignment for a wedding in Assisi in three months’ time…and even if she were that crazy, surely a person capable of organising this sort of event, will be out of our reach!…But what if she is that crazy??” ” 


And then came…Monica!!

Looking back now, I think that that was one of those moments when the stars align, the beauty of the world embraces you and fate gives you an opportunity … Looking back now, I think that our encounter just had to be, because Monica is a person who stays is in your life, forever! The first thing that I really liked about her was her questionnaire … where we had to describe ourselves, what we liked about each other, the passions we shared, the journeys made, our expectations about marriage and the budget that we thought we should devote to the organisation … In the questionnaire there was already so much of Monica; we just did not know it then. Practical sense and romanticism, just in the right doses! Professionalism and creativity, deep honesty. The second thing that got me hooked was our first phone call, the investigational one. I was coming home from work, I was with my sister, it was quite late (about 10) and we agreed to talk via Skype to share ideas and evaluate the feasibility of the assignment. The phone call lasted about three hours and I was overwhelmed by a tsunami of creativity! She had no problem in sharing her ideas with me, without having committed with her in any way … and I just liked this so much, her generosity in giving without many expectations and setbacks. A few days later we received the budget, defined in every single detail — yet another confirmation of her great professionalism. At that point we were already lost for her. In the blink of an eye, the organisation machine set off: choice of mood, the concept (the what?!?!? … stuff we did not know!)…supplier selection (suppliers who are artists in every way, I must say! With a dramatic turn of events Laura managed to be free at the last minute and to design the flower arrangements…)…stationery (I was moved when I saw the drafts the first time)…with Monica who was prodding our imagination and leaving us all the space to express our taste with joy… I think it is at that point that the “cuckoo” came up…from Andrea’s thoughts on the BOS-FCO flight! On the day of the location survey, I was overwhelmed by a tremendous performance anxiety! I was worried Monica would not like the location or that she would be discouraged by the amount of work to deal with … but it seems I did not know her well yet! “Disheartened” is a word that doesn’t exist in Monica’s vocabulary! The flight of a hoopoe sealed our partnership, while Monica was measuring the perimeter of the “dining room” with large split-like paces, and the rest was pure fun. We felt the cake cutting would be embarrassing and Monica made it fun (indeed memorable) without making us uncomfortable; we wanted the children to have fun and to this date they still ask us when we are getting remarried so they can play again; we wanted our friends to be pampered and they’re still going about with the sunglasses from the party (we have photos !!!) … but the peak of it all was when, returning from the location survey on the way to FCO, Monica asked me, “and what if I made you fly with your favourite birds around the world stopping through your special places??” … at that point, then and there, I just wondered how she managed to understand us so well, so deeply in such a short time (“flying with the birds” … Andrea and I had done it a million times!) … for me this was more than enough to let her into my heart and to never let her out again. If I had to associate a few words to Monica, these would surely be “intelligence” and “sensitivity”, that perhaps in Monica’s case would be “intellibility” or “sensigence“…and you realise it, when seeing you worried, she asks you: “But what do YOU like? What do YOU want to do ?” She makes you catch your breath and then she listens. She gives you your space and then defends it, when you perhaps can’t do so yourself, and in an instant she takes you back into that wonderful reality, that is so imbibed with you that it moves you. And you wonder how she’d done it. I really could not choose a top-five of what I liked most of Our Day, because, if I close my eyes, the only memory of our marriage I have is a setting of beauty and joy, it chokes me up and I am moved, by the love that there was, in every detail …. in the flowers, the baskets, in the festoons, in the invitations, the confetti (sugared almonds), during the filming of the video and the photo shoots, in our hummingbird … in the affection of our old time friends and in the care and participation of our “new” and wonderful friends: they took us by the hands all the way and we were pampered beyond our imagination with immeasurable generosity. Wonderful people whom we would choose again and again, a hundred, a thousand times and hope we never lose. Thanks Monica and Barbara, Valeria and Alberto, Laura and Alexander, Paul and Joanna, Ania & Michal and Francesca. “.



I found Monica’s website online while I was trying to figure out if I could afford a wedding planner and I filled in her form. We met a year before my wedding date and it was instant love! Since we live abroad, we chose nearly everything by email, but it was fantastic to elaborate the concept based on our personalities and characteristics, and to work on every detail with creativity and attention to detail. My guests still tell me to this date that it is the best wedding they have ever attended and that the day was perfect in every way! If I could I would get married once again to redo this trip with Monica! !

Schermata 2013-08-04 a 01.23.14 CHIARA E NICOLA

Monica is a volcano of ideas, surprises and endless experience, thus making her perfect for us brides, who are unaware of the amount of details that need to kept in mind when organising a wedding! We could not have found anyone better! She made our wedding unforgettable, and quite frankly, this wouldn’t have been possible without her! More than positive feedback for our super wedding planner. .




Originality, creativity, but also elegance, sophistication and attention to the smallest of details! We always felt guided and inspired by Monica, who — with her amazing ideas — truly personalised and tailored every single thing on us! We could not have found anyone better! Highly recommended!





Monica Ferraris is a professional and a volcano of ideas. The wedding she dreamed up for my husband and me (and my daughters), perfectly represented us and our idea of our greatest day. However the most incredible thing is that she understood what we wanted, even before we could actually imagine it ourselves. Monica made our wedding absolutely unique. .





Nell’anno che ha preceduto le nozze abbiamo lavorato fianco a fianco con Monica e tutto ciò che avevamo studiato insieme è stato realizzato alla perfezione. Ogni imprevisto è stato gestito con semplicità senza che si sommasse alle normali preoccupazioni che precedono un giorno importante come quello delle nozze.

A differenza di amici che hanno scelto di sposarsi senza supporto di That Day, abbiamo affrontato le nozze con sola gioia e senza alcuna ansia. Il buon gusto di Monica inoltre, ci ha salvato da idee che potevano essere cadute di stile: una terza persona, competente che supervisiona è un supporto fondamentale per vedere le cose a 360°. A volte vorremmo risposarci per rivivere quell’anno indimenticabile. Non a caso, successivamente al matrimonio, abbiamo chiesto il supporto di That Day per altri eventi.


Non avevamo dubbi e così è stato! Il giorno delle nostre nozze è stato l’evento meglio organizzato della mia vita. E dire che era l’evento più importante della mia/nostra vita! Monica ci ha capiti, ci ha interpretati alla perfezione e ci ha introdotto in un mondo di giochi, colori, accostamenti originali e di gran gusto che hanno egregiamente rappresentato il nostro modo di essere e il nostro desiderio di festeggiare questo importante giorno.

Consiglio a occhi chiusi l’agenzia That Day a tutte le future spose e alle persone che vogliono organizzare un evento con inclusa la garanzia di un eccellente risultato.

38963_24 SYLVIA

We married in July 2012. We had never thought of the possibility of using a wedding planner’s services. However we did have a rather unconventional wedding in mind and that’s when we encountered Monica. Our experience was truly positive. The organisation of the event was a great no-stress fun: we reached the event day very relaxed and the end result was completely in line within our expectations. We really did have fun and I can say, based also on the comments of family and friends, that, yes, the event was unique and the party was wonderful. I believe that having such beautiful memories, absolutely unburdened with tensions and the need to manage risks, can really make your wedding day special and memorable in an authentic way. I can frankly say that I had always been rather skeptical of weddings being “the most beautiful day of your life”, but the truth is that for me it was absolutely the most exciting and fun day! Organising a celebration, just like you’ve always wanted, with someone who can translate your wishes into reality, where you can invite all your loved ones, knowing that others will take care of everything while you’re having fun, is really priceless. .

JULIA & NICK (AUSTRALIA) wedding_italy_03
NISH & ANDY (UK)  wedding_italy_04
ELENA E MARTIN (FRANCE) wedding_italy_05

Monica mi ha sopportata per 20 giorni (e non è facile).

Ed ha organizzato un fantastico wedding picnic, addirittura più bello di quanto me lo aspettassi!

Consigliatissima! Fidatevi.