Hi and welcome!

My name is Monica and I like to describe myself as a Storytelling Event Producer.

I help people like you to tell their stories through memorable, creative and engaging events (and yes, weddings are among my favourites). To do this, I use all the tools I know. And often I look for or come up with new ones.

I can help you conceive and organise That Day. I can develop graphics and illustrations, write texts and scripts, and I can help you do several other things.

I have been working in the field of Communication and Events for 18 years. I was born by the sea and live in Turin; I have been married for 10 years, now, with a charming British gentleman; I have two sons with whom I play Star Wars; I travel by bicycle whenever I can and when I have friends over for dinner I like to make gnocchi with my family recipe ragù. I cannot stand mosquitoes and colds. My mantra is “the largest limit ever imposed to creativity is the fear of making mistakes.”

Oh! And another thing: in my head, I am known to have two hamsters that are always running like crazy. My brides and grooms know them by now and they sometimes ask me: “What do your hamsters say?”



After 10 years experience in advertising, communication and corporate events, Monica has decided to offer the private segment the skills and the methodology she developed in the past years working for both national and international companies.

Her first love is Advertising. In 1996, while she specializes in International Marketing during the last semester of Business Administration, Monica decides that the advertising agency would have been her world. As soon as she gets the university degree, she starts working in adv agency of Turin for the client Alfa Romeo. She works there for seven intense and beautiful years, having the opportunity to work in different departments (internet, international coordination, and campaign development). Meanwhile, Monica continues her studies and graduates in Communication Sciences.


In 2003 she decides to take one of those opportunities that happen a few times in life, and joins the Organising Committee of the Olympic Winter Games of Torino 2006. She works in the marketing department, and gives assistance and consultancy to the Olympic Sponsors for the implementation of their activities and events promoting the sponsorship to different targets (sales force, top management, customers etc). During Games Time, she is Marketing Manager at Medal Plaza, the site that hosted the awards ceremonies of the athletes and big concerts with the most famous international artists.

In 2007 she began her adventure with THAT DAY, as she thinks it’s the best solution to combine her creative attitude with her managerial skills. If you want to know more ‘read this post .

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